Binge eating and your unhealthy relationship with food are a direct result of your emotions.

Hi, I’m Erin

The reality is that I too have struggled with the negative impact and cycle of unhealthy eating.

But as a therapist, I was able to dig deeper into my own behavior patterns and eventually, find the real root cause of my eating habits, which led to healing and feeling more empowered and confident.

I’ve implemented my ‘6 Steps to Healing the Self' with hundreds of patients over the years and helped heal hundreds of families, relationships, and lives.

For me personally…it was always about feeling happier, better, fulfilled and as a therapist I am driven to empower my clients to end the negative cycles that prevent them from living their best lives.

‘End the Binge’ is the beginning steps anyone must take to start tackling the real causes of their unhealthy eating habits and start healing.

Heal your Relationship with Food