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Hi ! I'm Erin

My Mission

Quite simply: I want to help my clients discover their true selves, with unique skills and talents hiding under self-sabotage.


As a therapist (and, more importantly, a person), I recognize that we can't truly thrive if we're standing in our own way. Self-sabotage is something we all do in one way or another for our own unique reasons that we usually don't understand. Working through the things holding you back is an incredibly intimate and personal experience. Online coaching courses are the perfect medium for people to get the assistance they need while taking the journey that will help them find themselves.


How I’m Here to Help

I know therapists aren't supposed to swear or have their own feelings, but spoiler alert: I sure as shit do. I'm a real person (not a robot), and remembering that keeps me present and aware of my purpose: to help others. And the best way for me to do that is to branch out from the traditional 1 on 1 model of therapy.


I am driven to empower my clients to put an end to the negative cycles that prevent them from living their best lives. I know everyone already has the power to change their lives- they just need someone to help get them started.


I created (and am always developing) a wide range of affordable online coaching courses that everyone can access. This makes mental wellness, self-improvement, and fighting your inner demons more accessible than ever before.