Hi, I’m Erin

I’m Erin, a mom, a Wellness Coach, a mental health therapist, and a former Chicagoan who transplanted to Asheville, N.C. I try to be authentic therefore I swear, and I call it as I see it. My process for coaching is to recognize the need for small sustainable changes.

Introducing my 6 Unique Pillars for Positive Change

Emotional Awareness

  Mindful Analysis

Adaptative Internal Resources

 Exploration of Roots


 Change the Narrative

My unique approach is based on my many years working in mental health and my expertise working with evidenced based practices. My approach provides structure to achieve the growth that you are looking for. My courses and coaching process are built on my 6 Pillars which transforms potential into tangible results and leads to lasting change. 

“My time with Erin exceeded my expectations. She helped me connect feelings with words to communicate what I need from myself and others. Before beginning with Erin I thought I was a “go with the flow” person. Contrary to my belief, Erin helped me see that I ignored negative situations and feelings. I was pushing things down and running away only to later overflow with stress that began causing problems in my day-to-day life. This has been a difficult journey. I recommend Erin Vandermore to anyone willing to put in the time. I wouldn’t take back one hard session because I’m growing into the person, I never allowed myself to be. Erin has helped me, and I couldn’t be happier. “ 

 Holly B. (current client) 

“Meeting Erin has been one of the most transformative relationships in my adult years. When we met I was totally broken, lost in depression, and oblivious to intense anxiety. Three years later (and now mother of two) I am able to celebrate my life. Erin guided me, encouraged me, pushed back towards negative thinking and changed my life in a huge way. Years of searching for the right therapist brought me to Erin and brought me to healing. I needed someone practical and real. I found much more! “

Susan L. (Former client) 

" Every person is different and appreciates different approaches to conversations. Erin is able to “cut to the chase” in a manner that suits my personality very well and helps me navigate through the emotions and thought processes that come with significant life changes. Erin was able to help me navigate the many different emotions that can come when you have multiple life changes at one time. She easily determines what approaches work quickly to guide people through their thoughts so that they can process them more effectively. I highly recommend her."

Matthew S. (Former client)