Do you feel like you're stuck in a vicious cycle of dieting and late-night snacking?

 I'm going to show you how to stop late-night snacking without starving yourself or wasting time.

Without The Yo-Yo Diets Or Guilt Of Enjoying Occasional Treats

Get the benefits of my knowledge as a mental health therapist and health coach in your own home.

If you are a motivated self-learner and just want the information so you can run with it then the course only approach is the way to go. You will have access to all the modules, videos, presentations, journal prompts, & worksheets. 

Signature Premium Package :

3 individual one-on-one sessions & weekly group check-ins to provide an accountability piece

Lifetime Access to Course & Course Resources

  1. Emotional Awareness
  2.   Mindful Analysis
  3. Adaptative Internal Resources
  4. Exploration of Roots
  5. The Power of Memories
  6. Change Your Narrative

With Course Purchase you Get 1 FREE Hour of Private Coaching Just for You

At end of program: Food will no longer be the enemy; no longer will you find comfort in food instead you will be intune with your body and it's needs which will allow you to enjoy food again. Clients will have more time to enjoy life, to engage with others in positive connections. Clients will no longer have the repeating negative thoughts that once plagued them, instead they will be able to have positive thoughts about themselves. As the positive thoughts increase, they will be able to have a happier and more fulfilling life that will overall increase your well being.

Success Story

 “Working with Erin has helped my mental health journey immensely. I feel comfortable talking with her about anything; and I always leave our sessions feeling better than I did before.”

Jessica J. (current client) 

Success Story

“Meeting Erin has been one of the most transformative relationships in my adult years. When we met I was totally broken, lost in depression, and oblivious to intense anxiety. Three years later (and now mother of two) I am able to celebrate my life. Erin guided me, encouraged me, pushed back towards negative thinking and changed my life in a huge way. Years of searching for the right therapist brought me to Erin and brought me to healing. I needed someone practical and real. I found much more! “

Susan L. (former client) 

Success Story

Every person is different and appreciates different approaches to conversations. Erin is able to “cut to the chase” in a manner that suits my personality very well and helps me navigate through the emotions and thought processes that come with significant life changes. She easily determines what approaches work quickly to guide people through their thoughts so that they can process them more effectively. I highly recommend her.

Matthew S. (former client) 

Success Story

Success Story

Success Story